Weekly Summer Link-Up; My Talents

Can you believe how fast time is going? Now that I'm off for the Summer I can't even remember what day it is most of the time, so imagine my surprise when I forgot about Monica's weekly summer link up! Thank Gosh I saw her post just now to remind me! It's been one of the most fun, fabulous linkys to take part in this Summer - it's not too late for you to take part either! :) 

This week is all about Talents. Hmm, this is a tough one. What is a talent? It is most commonly known as a natural skill/ability for something. If it's down to this, I would have to say one of my talents is patience and understanding.. with Autism that is! Working with Autism is a huge part of me, that just feels natural, it's something I enjoy doing and something I feel I do really well - could I call that a talent?

Or maybe my fundraising.. last year I fundraised for pupils within the ASD School I work in, raising thousands and thousands (over 17k) in just 6 months for them.

Another talent is probably my love of making resources, invitations, anything that involves technology I tend to be pretty good at. I can remember being given my first computer at about the age of 12/13, finding a way to get hold of Photoshop and being able to edit photos like there was no tomorrow, I'd be the one who could make animated pictures, creating fonts etc. all at such a young age. I feel like I should have been born typing on a keyboard! Whenever I sit and type I can see and feel people gaping at me. The speed I type at is crazy, when I was in School they used to have 'touch typing' as a compulsory subject our 2nd year of Comp. By the end of my first lesson I could touch type, I can remember the shock on my teachers face as she couldn't give me stuff that was hard enough! Sometimes I do feel I've lost myself a bit if I go without my computer for a long period of time! I like to be sat, creating and doing different things.

As i'm sat typing this, I have Nathan sat taking the mick out of my typing skills, typing really fast on the side of the settee laughing at me! It's just a natural ability to be able to type so fast I think! I suppose at least I'll never have chubby fingers, right?!

This is a bit of a crazy one tonight, I've had people chatting to me through the night, lots of distractions and messages coming through so I'm apologising now if it's a bit crazy and not making much sense!

Don't forget to pop on over to see what talents Monica at I Heart Grade 3 has! :)



  1. Hi Nikki!

    Thanks for linking up - and I do apologize for forgetting about sending out the reminder post! I'll make sure I am more on the ball this Thursday! lol!

    You are so lucky to be at ease with Photoshop. I have it and have tried to force myself to learn it - but every time I open it up I get so overwhelmed! I know there are a million Youtube videos out there to help me learn but there is something so overwhelming about taking that first step! lol!

    Thanks for coming and linking up!



    1. Don't worry! My memory is awful! You'd think I'd remember after doing it for all these weeks with you!

      I haven't used photoshop for a few years now, I sort of lost time to be on the PC doing things and then I bought the macbook so I am now getting used to Pixelmator - i'm nowhere near as good as I used to be but I think it'll just take a bit of time again! My plan over the next few months is to introduce Technology Tuesday where i'll share technology tips each week! Can't wait!

      Thanks for popping by :)


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