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So here I am, taking part in another fabulous blog hop! This one hosted by a lovely lady called Whitney from With Love from Texas

Whitney challenged us bloggers to write down about our Education Beliefs.

When reading others beliefs, I think it's important for us all to realise that we all have different ones, we all have something different about each and every one of us - and that's good. We may not agree with or share others beliefs but we all have our own and that's what makes this World go round.

I have numerous beliefs, and didn't really know where to start. I have so much swimming around my head at one time, sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy, so I had to sit down and really think carefully about my Education Beliefs and what I feel strongly about. I narrowed it down to 5, although it was quite hard!

1) Every child has the right to be educated to their individual needs.
2) Every child deserves an equal amount of your attention.
3) Parents and Teachers form half and half of a students life; work together.
4) There is such a thing as over expectation.
5) Celebrate every achievement; big or small.

Now, let me expand on my beliefs and why I have them.

1) Every child has individual, different needs. Just because once child isn't up to the others abilities doesn't mean we just dismiss them and give them the same work as everyone else. We have to realise that sometimes we need to spend that extra few moments differentiating the level of activity so that it suits individuals. Within our classroom we have 7 pupils, we have 7 different levels of each resource, every pupil is working on the same activity, but at different levels to suit their level. Granted it is totally different in my line of work, working with severe ASD students means we have smaller classrooms so it's easier for us to differentiate completely for them all, but I honestly believe that the students deserve us spending some extra time to make sure the resources suit their capabilities.

2) There is nothing I hate more than going into a classroom and you can instantly pick up on who the class favorite is and who is the one that isn't. I believe every child should be treated the same. Naturally, teachers are only human, there's going to be a child that grows on you the most, and the least, but it is our professionalism that makes us who we are, and that is to treat everyone equally. No child should feel less liked compared to another, every child should be treated the same.

3) I don't know how many times I have come across parents and teachers reaching mis-understandings over things. Sometimes things can come across worse than intended - as parents they may get defensive thinking you are criticising their parent skills/abilities and as teachers you may get defensive thinking they are criticising your teaching abilities. This really isn't the case; you need to be able to form a relationship and work together to help the pupil reach their full potential! Teacher's can't do their job without the support of parents/guardians/families and vice versa.

4) Over expectation. Nothing I hate more. Yes, push the pupils to achieve their best, but do not set the bar so high that they never have a hope in reaching it! Be fair, assess the pupils abilities, level of learning, any additional needs that they have and then set the bar, but don't expect miracles and set the bar too high. Don't forget we don't want children worrying that they can't reach their target(s)! We want children seeing that they are reaching their targets at the end of the year!

5) Yes. I celebrate everything. And I mean everything. We all should! We had a child who wouldn't sit for literally a second to complete his work, he would NOT complete work. After much persistence, different techniques/methods we finally convinced him to complete one activity. And i'm talking a 10 second activity. I was literally over the moon dancing and prancing! Some of you teachers may be sat there thinking - really? He sat for 10 seconds? A year and half later they will sit for up to 15 minutes on a good day! That 10 seconds is the biggest achievement ever, because that led to the student sitting at a desk completing work, building up their attention time until now it's at almost 15 minutes. Unbelievable! 

What are your education beliefs? Let me know! It's great to share beliefs.

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  1. Love your celebrate the small things, All children need a cheerleader, and for some of us we have kiddo's whose achievements may seem minor to others but for them they are huge and they deserve the recognition, it's amazing how it can encourage them to try hard for even better! Way to rock the happy dance :)

    1. Thanks - anything is an achievement with us - we love it and so do the kids! Thanks for popping by and leaving your feedback! :)

  2. As the parent of a son on the spectrum, I thank you for choosing to work with these special kids. I love how, even though you obviously wrote your beliefs with your own students in mind, they could apply to any classroom. I also enjoy celebrating the small successes with my gifted students!

    1. Thanks! Every small achievement is worthy of a HUGE celebration in my eyes :)

  3. I loved your point about overexpectations, especially considering you work with kids who have autism (which is amazing, by the way!) I think the key is to raise the bar- but slowly. Raise it to one step ahead of where they are. When they reach that, shoot for one step higher. It's so important to know where our kids are and give them reasonable goals so they can be successful. It doesn't mean they'll never get to a big goal, but if I wanted to run a marathon, I wouldn't just start with that goal. I'd start with running a 5K, and then maybe a 10K, then a half marathon. I wouldn't dive right in to the goal of a marathon because I wouldn't be successful and I'd get discouraged. This is definitely something I need to think about for my students this school year! Thanks for getting me thinking :)


    1. Thanks - there is literally nothing worse than over expectations in my eyes! Totally agree with everything you've said - such great comments! Thanks for popping by! :)


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