Superhero Organizing TpT Masterpiece!

Woohoo, I have just finished week 3 of the TpT Seller Challenge!!

(Click the picture to go to the product on my store!)

So this week we had to create/finish a new 'masterpiece.' I am loving making different style binders at the moment ready for the new School year. I have been wanting to make this one for a little while but not got around to it, so this was the perfect opportunity! 

It LITERALLY has everything you could need for the School year.
(If you think of something not here that is needed, let me know and I'll add it!)

I am a MAJOR pain at wanting everything organized ready for the new year.

* Please bear with me. The macbook and myself are trying so hard not to use british spelling for organise/organize etc. It feels so unnatural! *

So, it comes with lots of different options for you for the new School Year.

We will start with the binder itself. So you have a choice of covers already made or ones that you can edit..

Then the cover pages.. which also come already made or editable. There are a HUGE amount of cover pages included - far too many to list here! But all are listed on the product listing on my TpT site.

There's also a sub binder included which is 22 pages worth!

Then there's 2 different types of calendar/planner included. Each type also comes in color or black and white to suit your preference. Many holidays are already included on there for you. The calendar/planner runs from July 2015 to August 2016.

On top of everything already mentioned..there is still more included! 
Such as...

Behaviour/Behavior Recording Sheets.

Daily and weekly planning as well as parent communication pack..

Let's not forget a note pack for all your rough bits and bobs you have to record through the year. It includes notes, ideas, important info and to-do lists. Comes in color or black and white option as well as blank option.

and... are you headed off to the TpT conference? Or any conferences throughout the year as it is not specific.. This pack includes; conference timetable, conference schedule, notes, to-do list, important info and ideas. Again comes in color or black and white option as well as blank option.

It's great right? It's every teacher's dream to be organized for the next year and i'm sure this will help you be a super hero!



  1. This looks amazing! I {clearly} love everything superhero! Nice work!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars


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