Summer LinkUp: My Fave Picture

It's my favorite time of the week!! 
The Weekly Summer Linkup with Monica over at I Heart Grade 3
The topic this week is;

So basically, Monica told us that we can interpret 'picture' however we want.
So I decided to post about my favorite quote picture EVER. One that I always refer to, follow and love to bits!

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
- Albert Einstein

I LOVE this quote. I think most of us in Education probably do, 
but more so us few in Special Education.

Part of my role, is to go to other Schools/Childcare Settings, visiting potential new students to transition them to our School.

You won't believe how many times I've seen the children being given the exact same work as all the other children in the class when they are clearly not at that level. 

It takes all my strength not to shake my head and put my head in my hands!
But, alas, we offer our advice and wait for the child to be transitioned to us.

You see, with us, we have a firm belief that every child is different. And not just personality wise but mentally wise, education wise etc. We also have the knowledge, training and experience behind us to be able to assess the child, their ability, situation and individual needs.

When I make resources/activities for the class, I ensure that every child has the activity differentiated to their needs. Yes, it takes a bit longer to do, it adds to your already heavy workload but it is worth it to see the student succeed.

We live in a World where the Curriculum rules how teachers teach and there is no leniency. It states that at this age they should be doing x y z etc. and teachers have to follow this.

But there are ways around it. Just because the child can't follow the specific worksheet that everyone else can, doesn't mean they'll never learn it. Just tweak the activity a bit. They will achieve the same outcome just in a different way. For example, if a child can't read a story with just words, incorporate symbols. There may be too much information on the paper, it may be too busy. Don't forget some ASD children take things LITERALLY.

I'll never forget visiting one child who was in a different School. The worksheet was in black and white - thus the pictures were in black and white. I could barely make out what the animal was to be fair to the student, so when he was asked what it was and he sat there with a blank expression I got it. Anyway they soon gathered what the animal was. The teacher then asked him what colour it was. Let's be honest. How many autistic children are going to turn around and say black? 90% of them. 

There is a genius in every child that is taught, but found in different ways. 
For example;

Child A can't talk. At all. He is completely non-verbal. How is he ever going to learn anything if he can't talk? How do you know what he's learnt if he can't talk? Simple. You bring in new communication methods. This could be through signing, PECs etc. There are also lots of ways out there to test pupils knowledge through matching activities, symbols etc. Turns out, Child A is a genius. He can build sentences in correct order of up to 15 words. He can pick them out of the incorrect order and place them in the correct order about a picture. 
The child's a genius!

Child B can't count further than 10. At all. Ever. You have tried every single way possible but no matter what, poor Child B just gets stuck after 10. So she's not the World's Best Mathematician. BUT. Child B is a genius at PE. I mean, full on genius. She can do it ALL. She is an absolute amazing athlete. She runs rings around the rest of us, everything she tries she excels in. 
The child's a genius!

Child C speaks in third person - always. He can ask you questions, but can't answer any that you ask him. He can't recall events very well and usually just repeats whatever is said. BUT, speak to him about dinosaurs. He can name every dinosaur ever invented, he can tell you all about them, if they are herbivore, carnivore etc.
The child's a genius!

So, you see? Sometime we can't see the genius in front of us because of how tied we are to the strict Curriculum, it blinds us from the other aspects. But if we share our knowledge with fellow teachers, do some research, there are always ways around achieving the goals just by differentiating the activity!!

Just remember, that one of you teachers out there is teaching the future;
* Prime Minister
* Doctor who will save you or a loved ones life
* Fireman who will rescue you from a fire
* Policeman who will try to keep you safe
* Teacher who will teach your grandchildren, and their children!
* Vet who will help your poorly vet.

So you see, what we teach is vitally important, it impacts the children's lives and what they will grow up to be in their future life.

Each day brings a new challenge, a new adventure,
but most of all
a new genius.



  1. Hurray! Linking up with me as your favourite time of the week! YES!

    All kidding aside, thanks for coming back! Great picture.. and if memory serves me correctly, isn't that your favourite quote as well?

    Just reading through your post, I wish my school had you to come and help the teachers and children adapt to the challenges we see in our school system. Your insight would be a great addition to my school!


  2. Well said! From one Special ed teacher to another, I agree with you 100%!! Love the quote!


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