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Well, well, well, I am on the ball with Spotlight Saturday this week! This may possibly be the earliest i've ever managed to get one typed up and posted. The reason you ask? Simple. It was the Next sale this morning! Feeling very guilty though. We went down for 5am, I have blisters on my fingers because of how heavy my bags were to carry around the shop! That's when you know you've spent too much - oops!! Now for the fun part later on - trying them all on! EEK :)

Anyway, moving on.. because it's time for another fabulous Spotlight Saturday with Erin at Kindergarten Dragons!

This week was a tough one. I couldn't really decide who to spotlight or what to spotlight! It was our last week in School so i've been very busy and all over the place!

So I thought I'd do something a bit different. Today, I am going to spotlight all back to School theme products! Two paid, two free. One of each will be mine, one of each will be from another seller! How exciting!!

First up..

These are great little ice breakers for the beginning of the year. There are lots of different prompts included (60 cards in total) and comes in option of color or black and white for your preference, and can you believe the bargain price on them?! 

These have been one of my most popular products, I have seen them being used with older students coming in to support and help settle younger students, I've seen them being used as pairing activities, social groups etc. The learning opportunities are endless! Hop on over to check them out here.

Next, is an activity pack around kissing hands perfect for PreK and Kindergarten students from a lovely seller called Yay for PreK!

As you can see there is a range of fabulous yet different activities included, perfect for getting your students settled at the start of the year!


It's only one page but it's guaranteed to be a lot of fun! Kids love trying to work out all the different codes! It encourages number and letter recognition, students love to race against each other too and it's a great socialising activity!

And the last freebie of the day..

This product is free and can be found here. It is made by Once Upon a First Grade Adventure and it is such a fab freebie! 

I mean, how cool is your classroom going to look with these on the wall! They are definitely attention grabbers and sure to keep students focussed and aware of the activity that they will be taking part in! These are also perfect for SEN classes - point to what we are learning about now, what comes next etc etc.

It is a whopping 52 pages long! You would have to be CRAZY to miss out on this freebie!

Don't forget whenever you download a freebie go back and leave feedback for the seller to show how much you appreciate their hard work being given to you for free! Also if you purchase a product, definitely go back and leave feedback ! You will gain credits for when you do this which you can use against future purchases on TpT - SAVING YOU MONEY!! - That's what we all love to hear, right?

Now then, how could I leave you finish reading my Spotlight Saturday without a fab arty activity?

This is such an easy craft activity (credit: here). It could also be tied in to a last day of School activity so students can compare how much their hard working hands have grown through the year! Everyone loves some handprint crafts!! 

Thanks for reading another one of my Spotlight Saturdays!



  1. Hi Nikki,
    I'll definitely will check the unit on Chester; the Kissing Hand in one of the books we use the first days of school, so I'm always looking for new activities that go along with the book.
    I love the painted hands activity! It is completely adorable!! Thank you for sharing!
    Tweets From Kindergarten

  2. Lots of great resources! I love the conversation starters. Language is such a big deal in primary grades. That would be a perfect ice breaker for reading buddies as well.

  3. Great idea to share such awesome activities for the beginning of the year!! The Kissing Hand is a huge hit in my classroom and I have that pack from Yay for Pre-K! and can't wait to try it!
    The painted hands activity you shared is really adorable, thank you so much!!
    I am so glad you linked up for Spotlight Saturday again! I really enjoyed reading your Spotlight!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  4. Thanks for sharing all these great products. I'm definitely gonna check out The Kissing Hand pack!

    Carolina Teacher


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