Spotlight Saturday!

Yay, my favorite linky of the week! I actually pity all my blog followers today it's been a busy day for blog posts - it always happens at once. This morning I've already blogged about my 4th July TpT sale and wishing everyone a Happy 4th July. Then I blogged about how I just finished uploading my 'masterpiece' as part of the TpT Seller Challenge. And NOW it's time for Spotlight Saturday!

I've seen some bloggers combine everything into one post. But it would have been one VERY big post. Then it's a nightmare to find again etc. so I just decided 3 separate ones will be fine. Maybe i'll step away from blogger for a few days then to give everyone a rest from my babbling ;)

So here we go...

Of course it is hosted by the fabulous Kindergarten Dragons so hop on over to check out everyone else's posts too!

This week has been a tough one for me to decide. There were about 4 products from 4 different sellers that I was wowed at when they showed up on social media etc. Now that would be one LONG post. So I decided upon my newest favorite clip artist. You all know I'm a right addict for clip art so why not sure my fab finds!

This week is....

* drum roll please *

Scrapping Doodles

So, only this week did I realise how much FABULOUS clip art is on their TpT store! (Click the pictures to be taken to the listing on the store).

Here is my favorite product from the store. It is on my wish list ready for when I can convince myself I NEED it to do my next lot of resources. I have so much clip art saved ready for the next 15-20 things on my to-do list so I don't quite need this just yet.


Scrappin Doodles currently has a sale on! Oh yes, that's right. A SALE.

I can pretty much hear all the crazy clip art obsessers stampeding over to the store right now! 

There are a total of 1,103 clipart products up for sale on the Scrappin Doodles store. They come in color or black and white option - although they don't come together in packs, the prices are bargains!

How PERFECT is this for today?!

And don't forget we are coming up to back to school time..
(well not for us brits, we are only going to be FINISHING school in 2 weeks time!)

or if you are like me and only now coming up to the end of the year.. how lush are these graduation dragons?

Of course everyone loves a freebie so why not try this out..

The opportunities with this, really are endless - are they not? You can make maths so much more fun learning about weights with these fab clipart! And they come in color or black and white! What more could you need?

And of course, I wouldn't leave you without some fun free activities for you to take part in today. How about some 4th July hats to make?!

Cool, right?!



  1. Thank you so much for linking up again! I LOVE Scrappin' Doodles, that's where I get my oh-so-adorable dragons from!! Her dragons are a HUGE part of my classroom decor, and I can't wait to share it with everyone when I head back for the year!! I too would recommend checking out her work!! She is a really great artist and responds super-fast to customer requests and feedback. No matter how busy she is, she has always been prompt with her responses to me!
    Thanks so much for such a great Spotlight! I hope the rest of your school year goes as smoothly as possible for you!!
    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. I thought I recognised the dragons from somewhere ! They are adorable I love all her clip art! Thank you, hope you continue to enjoy your summer holidays while they last!

  2. I LOVE Scrappin' Doodles clip art!! I have a ton of folders with their work. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Clip Art is so addictive!! My wish list is forever full of it!

  3. I love those dragons! That might be my next graduation theme! Thanks for sharing!



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