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I am chuffed to pieces and overwhelmed to be nominated for 'One Lovely Blog' Award by Rachael at Sweet Sweet Primary. I have only been blogging since May this year! I won my blog from a competition held by Stephanie at Fishing for Education. Blogging has been a whirlwind experience, I have loved every moment, sharing my story, resources and connecting with other fabulous bloggers.

Now it's time for me to share some information about me before I nominate 3 bloggers I feel are more than worthy for this award!

1. I live in the United Kingdom, it's lovely here but the weather is pretty naff, there are lots of lovely beaches around where I live - which is great, when you have the weather - 10 - 15 days a year - not so great! So we are looking to emigrate away once we have enough saved - hence TpT!

2. I work within an Autistic School, mainly with children from 3 - 9 years of age. I have done this for almost 5 years now, everyday is different and a new - but great - challenge!

3. I love making resources, like really love it! It makes me happy! This means that my store can be a little crazy because I'll just come up with something that I like and make it! Not necessarily for ASD children!

4. I'm an avid traveller. I love it. Whenever there's an opportunity to travel, I take it with both hands ! However, this doesn't do wonders for our savings! Week!

5. I love the blogging and TpT world, I have connected with so many fabulous other teachers, building great online, supportive friendships! It's great to connect!

6. As I'm from the UK, it can be crazy trying to work out the USA curriculum. So i'm currently spending some time each day to work out the whole curriculum side of things from there to expand myself. 

7. I love to be able to progress. I constantly want to progress/better myself. There's always something in the pipeline helping me, with my wonderful partner cheering me on.

8. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year - you can probably see that by the sheer amount of Christmas resources that I make! I shop for Christmas presents throughout the year, I have a keen eye for a bargain. I love making hampers - Christmas time I really do get that extra bit creative!

9. I get insanely jealous of all my friends from USA doing their shopping at target, walmart etc and pulling out all these fabulous things for their classrooms - boohoo!!!

10. The amount of time I spend abroad, you wouldn't be able to tell. I never tan. EVER! I'm a little pale vampire! 

That was so hard trying to think of 10 things about myself! I'm not one to talk about myself much etc. so that was good for me!

Now for my nominations. I would like to nominate;

Monica at I Heart Grade 3

These are two fabulous ladies and are very worthy of this award!


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