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Woohoo, another Saturday another fabulous Spotlight Saturday! Granted it's a little late in the day for me. I had a super productive morning netflix binging while working hard on some new products ready for the Christmas in July sale this week. I have one freebie prepared so far too - which will be a limited time one and may try to make a few more.. we shall see ;)

PS.. we are currently dog sitting, he's not the biggest fan of me and I keep having a few little evil stares off him but he's putting up with me! (It's taken me over an hour to brave getting the macbook out just in case ;))

Anyway, moving on.. Here is another Spotlight Saturday hosted by the ever fabulous Kindergarten Dragons. I love taking part every week, be sure to head on over to her blog and check out her spotlights I've found some amazing new people and products through the Spotlight Saturdays Link-Up!

So.. this week I'm being a little selfish and spotlighting some of the products that I have been working super hard on to get ready for the Christmas in July Sale. Here is the link to all the products included so far in my Christmas in July Sale. Check back on the 13th and 14th for some AMAZING discounts and at least ONE temporary freebie - only free for the 13th and 14th!

First up...

This includes 176 pages of fabulous activities all linked to the Christmas Nativity Story!! Children are always SO interested in the Nativity and it's a great piece to study around Christmas - there are just ENDLESS learning opportunities!

Here are some snippets from the Nativity Bundle..

The Nativity Story

This is a really simplified version of the story. It comes in color (colour) or black and white option. It's been made really simple for little ones to be able to follow or great for teaching SEN/ASD. 

The opportunities with this are endless alone. You can use it as a sequencing activity, students have to cut it out then stick it all in order in their books. You can print it and have little booklets for each student (great for small classes etc.) or you can enlarge it, print, laminate and use as a class based story - read to your students etc.

This also comes with flash cards with names for each of the characters (also in color or black and white option)...

This is great for introducing characters, recapping over the characters, discussions at the end of the story, comparing two different characters- here are some questions you could ask!

1) Who brought Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?
* Hold up Wise Men and Shepherds, students choose/point *
2) Who gave birth to Baby Jesus? 
* Hold up Angel and Mary *
3) Who was your favorite character? 
* Students shout out/vote/ you can hold up 2 different and ask who favorite was *
etc etc you get my drift!

There are these fabulous word puzzles. They come in black and white so that they are ink/printer friendly. Also - we all know just how therapeutic it is for us to sit down and color for a bit right? No? Just me..?!

This can be handed out for your students to color in the pictures, then cut out all the strips and have to spell the words, sticking them in their books etc.

Or if like me you work within a SEN/ASD class. Enjoy some therapeutic coloring (admit it you love it!), cut out all the strips, laminate them individually and get your students to spell the words out. A great spelling activity!!

There are so many activities included in the Nativity Bundle that this post could go on and on and on, so here are some quick snapshots of just some of what is included in the Nativity Bundle.

Then there's the Christmas Activity Bundle.. for all things Christmas!

This one is HUGE. And I mean HUGE. We're talking 623 pages worth of Christmas themed activities!

We're talking; numeracy worksheets, literacy worksheets, fine motor skills, mazes, spelling boards, writing boards, word puzzles, word families, jigsaws, color by number, word search, code word cracker, word to picture matching, counting task cards. A whole range of skills are covered in this bundle at an absolutely unbelievable price!! 

The numeracy worksheets alone are 142 pages worth...

These are all no prep activities, just print and go! They come in color or black and white options. It covers; addition to 10, addition to 20, subtraction from 10, subtraction from 20, what comes next to 10, what comes next to 20, before and after to 10, before and after to 20, ten frames to 10, ten frames to 20, trace and fill to 10, trace and fill to 20, ten frames - count and color, tally to 10, tally to 20, number line addition to 10, number line subtraction from 10, counting objects to 10, counting objects to 20, counting in 2s, counting in 5s, counting in 10s, missing numbers - counting in 1s, missing numbers - counting in 2s, missing numbers - counting in 5s, missing numbers - counting in 10s, missing numbers grid to 100, missing numbers grid to 100 in 2s, number names to numbers, count and graph, odd and even, how many ways can you make 10?, how many ways can you make 20?, how many ways can you make 50?, how many ways can you make 100?, shape sides counting, telling the time to the hour, telling the time to the half hour, draw the correct time to the hour, draw the correct time to the half hour, domino missing numbers, number hunt - highlight the tens, highlight numbers ending in 2,5,0, highlight numbers over 50, putting numbers in order to 10, putting numbers in order to 20, number bonds, cut and stick number names > numbers, number tracing to 10, number tracing to 20, cut and stick, numbers > number frames, counting blocks to 10, counting blocks to 20, counting blocks to 100 in 10s, roll and trace, roll and color, count the stocking fillers to 10, fill in missing numbers - number grids.

As you can see pretty much everything mathematical is covered here! Your students will definitely be focused with these Christmas themed resources sure to get them all excited and full of joy in the run up to Christmas!

One of my favorite resources is the fine motor skills activities...

I am a huge believe in fine motor skill activities. How can we expect anything of our students writing wise if we don't give them the chance to pick up pre-handwriting skills. I once knew of a teacher who expected students to just go straight into over writing letters, when many of the students had never even held a pen before!? Crazy, right?! These worksheets are Christmassy and fun and sure to keep your students occupied, they have to trace over the lines, go in the maze paths, it's all great pre-handwriting practice and improving their fine motor skills. Better fine motor skills = better handwriting!

There are so many different activities included in this bundle there really is something to cover most of the learning areas/outcomes, they come in color or black and white options too!

The Literacy worksheets alone are 88 pages packed full of great work activities!
These are also no prep needed! 

There are so many fab literacy activities including; Missing letters/alphabet, matching upper to lower case letters, find and color the letters, say it spell it write it, sight word sentences, acrostic poems, vocabulary spelling, vocabulary spelling with prompts, roll read and cross, roll read and trace, spelling, labelling, draw and write about _____, design a stocking, CVC words tracing, CVC words spelling, missing letters, scrambled letters, rhyme time tracing, rhyme time writing (with clues), simple/small instructions - read and color, if I were an elf writing prompt, ending sounds, alphabetical word ordering.

But again, there are so many activities included I could be here all night telling you all about them, so find below a quick snapshot of different activities included...

And as always I leave you with a fabulous fun filled activity that is great - for Christmas! (Well we are talking about Christmas right?!). It's making your own play snow. We LOVE making this in our little ASD class. The opportunities are endless, we try and get it to harden and then make different objects out of it, we make it light and fluffy to dust over objects, we have sensory bins, we hide things in it for the students to find...

Just click the picture to be re-directed to the page for the recipe. It's great to get saved ready because we all know how quick Christmas comes around!

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!


Check out the links below for more TpT stores who are taking part in the Christmas in July Sale!


  1. Wow, you sure have been busy!!! You have made some really incredible products for your Christmas in July sale and I hope you do really really well with your sale!! I can't wait to see what your freebie is!! :-) Good luck dog sitting, he's a big boy!!! I don't blame you for being a bit nervous if he gives you an evil stare!!
    Thank you so much for linking up again, it really means a lot that you take time each week to share your Spotlight! I really appreciate all your hard work, and it's so great of you to leave comments on the other Spotlights who linked up! Thank you so much, and I can't wait to read your next Spotlight!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Thank you Erin - I have just one more huge bundle to add and then possibly one more product to do tonight then a few days rest I think! Thank you for your kind words. Yes he recently lost his brother so I think he's gone back to the nervous/dis-trusting stage LOL! But I escaped unscathed thank goodness!
      I have loved taking part in your weekly link ups for spotlight saturday, thank you so much for offering us all the opportunity for them! :)

  2. Hi, Nikki, I love your unit around the Nativity! Just in time for Christmas in July! It seems very complete, you really thought of everything! Well done!
    Thank you for adding the linky for the sale! Hope you get a lot of buyers!!!
    Tweets From Kindergarten

    1. Thank you I really pushed myself this month to try make sure I had lots on offer for Christmas in July! Same to you too - Good Luck!


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