Hungry Caterpillar Craft

Hip Hip Hooray it's Thursday!!

What have you been up to this week? I am still very much enjoying my time off this Summer. I have been busy sorting through old photos, resources, activities, blogging etc.

Our topic last term was Hungry Caterpillar / Minibeasts. Here is a fab art activity that looks brilliant yet is so easy and cheap to do ! It's great for the Summer time!!

All you need is;
green card
green pom moms
red pom poms
google eyes
hole puncher
felt pens

Start by drawing out a leaf shape, then cutting it out. Use some felt pens to draw some lines on your leaf. Use some glue to stick down your pom moms and stick the eyes to your caterpillars head. Next add some glitter to your leaf, then use a hole punch to make some holes on the side of your leaf.

VWA LA! You are done! A great little activity perfect for this time of year!


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