Fun, Fun, Fun Summertime Blog Hop!

I am so excited to be part of a fabulous Summertime Blog Hop!
Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love a good collaboration with other bloggers - it brings so much to our Worlds, we can learn so much from each other and it's just great to make new teachy friends, am I right?

Thank you to Crystal at Wyatt's Wise Owl Teacher Creations for hosting such a fabulous blog hop! Be sure to make your way through all the teachers posts - it's going to be a whole lot of fun! :)

So the blog hop is all about beating the Summer Slide! Now, here in the UK our children only just broke up for Summer so this is perfect timing for those - but everywhere else seems to have broken up what feels like forever ago (Yes, I have been jealous!) so these products will be perfect to avoid the Summer Slide!

First up, my freebie.

(Click the picture to be taken to the product listing)

It's a lot of fun activities which have educational purpose behind them! Let's face it, children learn best when they don't realise they're working!

So I do suggest printing the whole activity and putting it together as a book. You can choose between boy or girl option as the cover. Students can colour it in and write their name. Don't panic if your child needs dotted letters to write and you can't add it - draw it in! Learning is all about compromise, it's never going to be perfect! Draw some dots in the form of their name and get them to write it like that! 

Then moving on to your Summer Bucket List! This is a great writing activity, plus students can be encouraged to draw pictures to go with their list! It's also great for initiating conversation, discussing with each other - coming to a compromise, everyone takes turns deciding where to go. You can cross them off as you achieve them through the Summer etc. The learning possibilities behind this page alone are endless!

Then there are a few fun pages! Word Search - having to recognise letters/words, finding them in between other words, improving concentration levels etc. Sudoku - there are endless learning opportunities behind Sudoku, just visit our friend Google to find out all the benefits it has - but it can also be very tricky! So this will be great fun to be able to work with an adult! Then the puzzles - with pictures as clues! And dot to dot! Everyone loves a dot to dot lets face it! There are a few different pictures included, all summer related. 

Don't forget to go on a Summer Hunt! Encourage your students/children to spot items through journeys/visits/days out and tick them off as they go along! Discuss where they think they would be able to find such items!

Don't forget there's also lots of reflection activities - draw and write about different experiences!

 and my personal favorite.. fine motor skills! I am a huge believer in fine motor skills and I can often see how much the summer can affect student's fine motor skills! Trust me, fine motor skills are a huge factor in a children's learning!

So don't forget to pop on over and visit my Summer freebie booklet, packed full of fab activities - and it's FREE!

Now, for my paid product.

This is a pretty GIANT bundle. 

 (Click the picture to be re-directed to the product on my TpT store).

This bundle is 179 pages long in total and packed full of different learning opportunities/activities, perfect to keep your students/children from sliding this Summer!

This is one of the most popular activities include din the bundle - work makes. Students love having to figure out what the pictures mean when they make a word! So much fun, lots of thinking and concentration involved!

There's also some fun activities for children with ASD/SEN. It's all about a non-verbal literacy programme and comes with instructions - don't worry! You start basic - matching identical pictures, then move on to matching black and white to colour pictures, then matching pictures with differences in detail, direction etc.

Here is what it will look like done (obviously the pictures will be same size - I have made them smaller on this image so you can see the matching idea). You laminate one A4 sheet as a board, cut out the boxes on the other sheet and match them together.

and of course, matching word to picture. This is great for seeing if non-verbal students can recognise objects and able to name them/match words to them correctly. Great to test their understanding! 

Then there are lots of fab no-prep worksheets, just print and go...

There are lots of fabulous activities, covering lots of different areas of learning - perfect for avoiding the dreaded Summer Slide!

Don't forget to hop on to the next Blogger's post to see what ideas, products and activities they have in mind perfect for helping students to avoid the Summer Slide!



  1. Wow! Such wonderful activities. I also love collaborating and learning from others through blog hops!


    1. Thanks for the kind comments! I've loved spending time hopping through everyones posts today :)

  2. You have great products!!! I'm really glad I got to discover your shop!

    1. Thank you, that's so very kind of you to say :)

  3. You have some wonderful products! I love how the activities are educational and a lot of FUN! Great Job! Thanks for being part of this blog hop!

  4. Great summer packet. I love your button. My son has autism so its something I can identify with.

    1. I love it - when the Steph created it I just knew it was perfect :)


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