Detective Box: Community Helpers Style!

Let's face it, Community Helpers is a brilliant topic for learning!
There are so many endless opportunities!

So, this is all about incorporating Community Helpers into my Detective topic.

Decorate your box however you like with the labels! You can choose what size box, what colour etc. I always go for a big one - that way it deceives the children a little bit - they always expect it to be something big but just because it's hiding in something big doesn't mean it's big. It also means I have more choice when choosing items to hide inside!

I love my Detective Box and you can purchase the set here too! It has endless opportunities and is a great learning activity.

So, first of all find an object. This time my theme is going to be 
Community Helpers.

I managed to pick these up just for £1! For anyone unsure they are; Astronaut, Builder, Pilot, Bin Man and Coast Guard!

Next, choose one that you want and make clues around it. (All editable clues are included in the product!)

Here's clue one.. you can introduce as many clues as you like and how quickly you like. I personally think it's great to run over a few days - a clue a day! But some teachers who have bought this off me have done this as a circle time activity and completed within 20 minutes which always goes down really well!

Can you work out what it is yet?

Don't forget students can use these..

they can fill in their guesses! It's a lot of fun and helps them to feel super important and like Detectives!

Then you're last finished piece.. unveil the product and place it on this fab Finnish sheet...

Did you work out what it was from the clues? 


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