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Here we go again!!
Time to link up with the fabulous Monica over at I Heart Grade 3!

So, this weeks topic is 'My Favourite Quote'

Favorite/Favourite - it is so hard being a UK based TpTer/Blogger. I feel compelled to write in the US language because that is where all of this is more popular, but my brain always screams at me NO NO NO NO NO!! So - sigh - please give me some little time to adjust to whatever language I end up typing in - LOL!

So, anyway, the quote that I really do love is also my quote on my TpT store.

'A dream begins with a teacher who believes in you.'

I stumbled across this by chance a few months back online, it was said by 'anonymous' which I was a little gutted about but nevertheless I still love it.

So, why do I love it? Everyday I work with children diagnosed with autism, all on different parts of the spectrum. The staff in my School go out of their way to make sure everything is differentiated, every child takes part in the same activity/work but at a level suited for them - meaning they can all achieve their goals! It is no good to hand out the same piece of work to every child, tell them to complete it when they may not be at that level or may be above it! 

Children are like little flowers, they need a lot of TLC to grow into something so extraordinary and fabulous! That little bit of belief, encouragement, motivation and support can go such a long way. I truly believe children pick up on so much from us as teaching staff we really do need to help them achieve their best.

And so, if you believe in a child, help them to grow, giving them work activities that really do benefit them, suit their ability and provide them with motivation, your little seed with bloom into the biggest, most beautiful flower there is. If you believe in every child in your class, you can be up for the most beautiful garden of flowers there is!

Thanks for listening to my little quote debrief / weekly summer blog link up. Don't forget to head over to Monica's page (here) to view everyone else posts!



  1. NIkki - I ran across your blog through Weekly Summer Blog linkup. I just recently completed 37 years of teaching here in the US. It was mainly spent teaching students in Special Education. In the last 8 years I fell in love working with students on the Autism Spectrum.
    Love your blog! Love the design also! Check out my blog at Superteachsspecialedspot.blogspot.com
    A bunch of special education bloggers have a group on Facebook where we collaborate about our blogs, TPT stores our classes, students and how to make it all work. If you are interested in being a part of the group, message me through my blog or here and I will send an invite. Always good to "meet" another special ed blogger.

    1. Hi this sounds great and such a fabulous opportunity to link up with others!! If you could email me nikkirobs93@hotmail.co.uk i will send you my Facebook link etc.
      Thanks so much,

  2. You chose such a wonderful quote! What an inspiring and empowering message! As teachers we need to realize that each child can learn, but that each child learn's differently! You already know all about that from working with so many levels of needs in your classroom! You must be a super pro at differentiation!
    Thanks so much for sharing your quote, I had a great time reading it and your reasons behind choosing it!!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Thanks Erin, I really do love the quote, speaks volumes for the way our classroom runs each day! Let's just say templates are a LIFE SAVER!! Every child is at a different level in our class = 7 different levels of every activity can be very stressful to make it all but SOOOO worth it :)

      Thanks for your kind comments!

  3. I love the quote you picked. It is so true and something I need to remember daily inside and outside my classroom. Thanks for sharing!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

    1. Thanks - I love it, it really does connect with me, one of my favorite quotes to ever come across!

  4. Hi again, Nikki!

    I am so happy that you are back for another terrific week of blogging. I'm like you - being Canadian, I always use the "British" spellings when I am teaching - neighboUr, favoUrite, coloUr, etc. I always cringe when I write those words without that precious "u"!!




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