Taco Tuesday Linky Party!!

You all know how much I love a good link up blog party so it should come as no surprise that when I stumbled upon the Taco Tuesday Linkup I just HAD to take part!! It's hosted by the fabulous Smocus Smocus so don't forget to hop on over and check out her fab recipe as well as other bloggers!!

So the whole idea of this link up is building up recipes that are perfect for School night evenings. Now my guilty trick is the slow cooker. Anyone else feel me here? I love it!

So here is my slow cooker...

JUST KIDDING!!! I have a crock pot..

It's literally worth it's weight in gold! If you haven't got one - go and get one! It will save you so much time through the School time and the food is always so lovely!

So mine is quite an easy one which I LOVE to come home to in the Winter. 
You probably guessed it... CHICKEN STEW!

Ok.. everyone always freaks with me over that - who eats chicken in a stew? Well me and my poor partner who eats everything I cook!!

So ingredient wise - whatever you want!! Ok.. maybe not really.
Here's what I put in mine;

Chicken Chunks (I usually cut breasts up into cubes and usually use 4)
Potatos (cut into chunks)
Chicken Stock (usually 1.5 litre or enough to cover the chicken)
Onions (cut thinly)
Carrots (small chunks)
Sunflower Oil
Tiny pinch of salt.

Ok so I put the slow cooker on to LOW at 6am. I put the chicken, chicken stock, potatoes, onions, carrots, sunflower oil, pinch of salt in. I leave on low until I get home from work - 4pm. At this point I add in the peas. If it needs thickening I add a bit of chicken gravy granules - no water! Then mix around for a few moments. Don't add too much or you'll have gravy!!! Another way is to add a bit of flour and mix this in then leave to boil again to get rid of flour taste.

You can add whatever you like to the stew - parsnips etc. It smells so nice when you step in from a long hard, cold day at work and so quick and easy!

You literally won't believe the stuff you can make in a slow cooker - it's not all stews!! So be sure to pop back next Tuesday to see what is in my slow cooker!!



  1. I have never had a chicken stew before, but not I'm dying to try it! That sounds so delicious! I too am a slow cooker fan. There is nothing like being able to "set it and forget it"!
    Thanks for linking up!
    - Stacie
    Smocus Smocus
    (by the way, your slow cooker turtle picture is hilarious!)

  2. It's lovely.. if i don't have time to cut the chicken into chunks i put the breasts in whole, when i get home i shred the chicken and leave it continue to cook, that also thickens the stew! It's so lovely, we love chicken stew!! :)

    Thanks - I seen it and knew I HAD to use it !!

  3. It sounds like the perfect winter meal! Thanks for sharing your recipe!


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