Summertime Picnic Recipes

I have been so busy this week it is unbelievable. It is coming up to the end of the year for us - well we have 6 weeks left but you know!? So we are in full prep mode ready for the class in September. It has also been quite sunny this week and I haven't been feeling too good so to be honest I took some well deserved time for myself! My plan was to make no resources at all!! But I gave in...

I came across a few sellers discussing an upcoming Summer Recipe Book. They had already done a Christmas themed one before which was a big hit so they were doing a Summer recipe one.

Did I have enough time to add a recipe? I did... Did I have the energy? Not really.... Did I force myself? Yes!!!!!

It was a hard choice. I was torn between three of my favorite summer recipes that we have made with our children lately...

The first.. caterpillar sandwiches!!!! How cute are these? So simple, just bread, fillings, tomato and pieces of spring onion/celery! 

Then there are these chocolate covered fruit cones or fruit kebabs. Both so simple to make yet so refreshing on a hot Summers day!!

In the end I went for the chocolate covered fruit cones. So much fun to make! The recipe is available on my store on its own here or as part of a huge summer recipe bundle with recipes from all different TpT sellers available here. There are 75 recipes in total related to Summer and it's totally FREE so make sure you pop on over !! If you try out making my chocolate covered fruit cones be sure to send me a photo!!! 


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