Summer Vacations, Places, Activities.

So today's post is all about favorite Summer places, activities or vacation spots.

I'll start with a local one first, although I hate living here in the UK, I have to give it some credit where it's due. I live in Swansea, South Wales not far from Gower and Mumbles. There are so many lovely beaches around here it's great for a Summers day.

First up is.. Port Eynon Beach!

Whenever the sun makes a very rare appearance, me and my boyfriend head down to Port Eynon, our favorite beach. We have some fish and chips in the Chip Shop, a stroll around the beach and just a nice drive around the Gower.

We also like to head down the Mumbles...

for some ICE-CREAM! If you ever have the opportunity to visit here you must go and have a Joe's ice cream. It truly is the best ice cream around!! 

And finally... this is a very tough one for me. As most of you will know from reading my blog I am a travel freak. I love to travel and me and Nath have had so many fabulous holidays together. 

I think my favorite ever vacation spot is Dubai. It has to be. We have been 3 times in the past 2 years. We stayed at Imperial Club in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai last August. To say it was amazing is understatement of the CENTURY!

We were treated like royalty from start to finish. We went full on and even had a beautiful kitted out Mercedes pick us up- you can book all this through their website by the way, it's pricey but SO WORTH IT!! 

We arrived to chocolate covered strawberries..
This was the way our bed was laid out for when we arrived!
Here's me with my bunch of roses! OVER THE MOON!
We even had a hot bath run ready for our arrival!!!
We arrived at night so this was our view from our balcony. Bliss.

When you stay at Atlantis you get unlimited use of the waterpark..
I had previously swum with dolphins at Atlantis so decided to give sea lions a go this time!

Nothing will ever compare to our stay at Atlantis. It was perfect from start to finish.

I honestly do not work for/advertise Atlantis, Dubai. Although you probably won't believe me after this!! I just want to share the amazing experience that we had with everything. I was so worried about booking it because of the cost but I have never regretted the decision to stay at Atlantis and would return there again for definite.

Thank you Atlantis for giving me an experience that will always remain in my heart.

And now for some fabulous summer activities that you can get up to with your children....

Freeze different items in water and get your children to chip away at them with little axes/tools! You could hide absolutely anything you want in here! Click the pic to go to a website with 29 Dollar-store finds!!

or how about doing some baking together...

Click the picture to go the website with instructions. These aren't necessarily my cup of tea - I have an issue with textures and bananas literally trigger my gag reflex, I can't stand to be near them never mind touch them! But what more perfect way to get your kiddos to munch on some fruit this summer?!

What are your favorite summer places? vacation? activities?


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