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Another week, another fab link up with I heart grade 3 !!

This weeks topic is An accomplishment I am proud of.

There are so many things I am proud of in my life. I know that sounds like my head just about fits through doors right? But I honestly do believe in feeling proud of yourself. Why shouldn't you? You pour your heart and soul into something, every breath to make it perfect, when it works you should feel proud!!

Ok so here is the one I am most proud of.

Setting up a charity and raising over £17,000 in 6 months.

Yep you read that right. I had no prior experience to fundraising at all. The charity is now closed, it was so time consuming I had to. But it was only intended to ever be a one off thing so I feel that I achieved everything I wanted.

As you may know from reading my blog I work with ASD children. The children I work with have a diagnosis of severe Autism. This can be so hard for their families/carers to be able to do day-to-day things with them never mind holidays. Most of our children have never been on any sort of holiday, some have never left the city. It is absolutely not the fault of their families, it is just they have so many things to factor in, they are so limited in how they can support the children and so wary as well! There must be nothing more frightening than not knowing how your child is going to react!

So my decision was made. I was to raise enough money to take a group of our children to Lapland for a Christmas trip to meet Santa. Oh yes, I don't do things by halfs, I go full blast!!

So.. here was the logo I had created

I had 10 months to raise £17,000. Enough to take a group of children and enough staff to ensure they were supported on their fab day out. We opted for a day trip - the children would get the most out of this and still be home that evening - something our children may not have coped with is staying over night somewhere new without their usual family etc with them.

I had some amazing support from families/carers of the children, staff and the community. More importantly, my family. Of course where there is constant positivity, I had constant unsupportive comments that I would never be able to raise it.

I worked constant, all day every day and I mean ALL day. It took over my life, I wouldn't have it any other way. I hosted so many events.. fun days, horse racing, auction nights, sky diving, street collections. You name it, it was done. 

6 months later I was paying for the full trip. S-I-X. I know, I was almost in tears!! 

Once we had reached the full amount we still had one more fun day to do. My father is an avid VW fan, him and my mother travel in their VW. A member of their group had a little girl who had some medical issues and was raising money to have an operation in America to be able to walk. We were able to do a little something on the day to raise some of the money for her. 

Then of course, we had to encounter a problem somewhere. On the day we are sat in the airport with the children, watching the flight get delayed, delayed, delayed, cancelled. No words can describe what went through my head. I was gutted. Utterly and truly gutted, devastated, upset, angry, but mostly so sorry for the children who were up so early that morning, travelling all the way, going through the whole airport so good - not one issue! The worst thing was we were stuck there until the coach could come pick us up! Our children were stuck in that airport for almost 8 hours. In the same cafe, they were so good!

As we were sat in the cafe, staff trying to play games with the kids, the restaurant under a constant order of 'chips and tomato sauce' we started to receive phone calls... my father had rung a local radio station explaining what had happened. We had so many phone calls of people offering us things for free. When the children got back to School (pick up/drop off point) we had a Santa waiting for us with lots of parents, cakes made by locals, McDonalds, sweets. You will not believe how thankful I still am to this day to watch our children go home with smiles on their faces, because of all the fantastic local people in the community helping our children. I have to be honest, I was up from 3am, went to bed finally around 1am the next day. It was the most emotional day I have ever had and I think I will ever have. 

After this we ended up going to the Elf Kingdom, a magical place which the children absolutely loved, they let us go there for free to make up for our Lapland Trip!!! I am so proud of not only my own achievement but the absolutely amazing, brave attitudes and behaviours of our children. The day was so stressful, so many new things, different changes, disappointment, excitement, they were amazing from start to finish. 

That was really long winded and I can only apologise for how long it went on. Thank you if you kept reading to the end! It means a lot to me.

What is something you are proud of? 



  1. Has anyone told you lately just how amazing you are? This is a fabulous accomplishment! Thanks for sharing and linking it up to my linky party!

    Way to go!


    1. Thank you, you are too kind! Thanks for the fabulous opportunity of your kinky party I'm loving it and looking forward to it each week!

  2. Wow what an amazing sounding experience. It's really inspiring to hear how positive you stay throughout the whole event. I can't imagine what it meant to those students and their families. Truly astonishing.
    I look forward to reading the rest of your Summer Linky posts this summer.
    The Chalkboard Garden

    1. Thanks Kayla for your kind comments!! I love nosing at everyones Summer Linkys it's such fun! Monica is brilliant for coming up with this wonderful idea! :)

    2. Brilliant? I'll take it! lol! ;-)


  3. That is so cool! What an amazing accomplishment! Those kids were so lucky to have you invested in them like that!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars


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