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June the 1st. 1st Day of Summer. Here in UK that means sun rain and horrendous winds!! But that's the usual, the UK doesn't get on very well with the Sun, they are long distance partners.

I want to thank Rainy Day Creations for hosting this fabulous Summer Blog Hop! I love linking up with other bloggers but this is actually my first 'HOP' as such!

Soo.. the topic is planning by the pool. I wish i was back here with my feet up in Dubai....

But in my reality, I have my feet up with this little monster keeping me company....

She is part cat, part dog, part monster. And i mean this literally. But that is for another day.. Back to 'Planning by the Pool'.

So, this is what I have been currently planning ready for Fall!

Halloween Number Grid Mystery Puzzles! I love these and so do the children! They are on number grids up to 100 and available here. There are 17 fabulous different mystery pictures for students to do! These are always a big hit with the students, great for number practice, following instructions, improving concentration, time fillers, early finishers and just some general Halloween Fun! 

And of course my HUMUNGOUS halloween bundle available here. There are 385 pages in this huge bundle full of different activities sure to keep your students occupied in the lead up to Halloween! 


As you can imagine it's pretty hard to sum up 385 pages in just a few pictures but if you head on over to the product you'll be able to see a more detailed description on what's included or you can purchase the items individually!

And last but certainly not least is my fabulous freebie!!

For this i thought i would put together a Summer Booklet. Great for keeping children occupied this Summer!! You can find it on my TpT store here!! I would love some feedback left on it if you download it!

Thank you for reading my Planning by the Pool Summer Blog Hop!

Have a wonderful Summer! 

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  1. I do not see a picture to go to next blog. Help!

    1. Hiya I am still waiting for the person running it to give me a link to the next blog sorry!


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