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Another week over with, another day closer to our Summer holidays, another fabulous Spotlight Saturday hosted by my newest stalk-blogger Kindergarten Dragons

This week i'm being a little bit selfish and i'm going to spotlight my 2 favorite paid products from my store and my 2 favorite freebie products from my store.

Ok, the first is Animal Mystery Coloring Number Work! It is my best seller to date, it is the fastest product to sell after uploading it and since this I have made many more mystery coloring pictures in all different themes with more set to be uploaded over the coming weeks! Believe it or not they take a long time to create!!

There are 11 different animals included so far. I do have plans to try to add more to this over the Summer to it but for now 11 is sure to keep your students busy!!

It includes; bear, chicken, cow, elephant, fox, giraffe, lion, monkey, penguin, sheep and snake!!


They are so much fun, students have to follow instructions on what numbers are what color to make these pictures. It is definitely a motivating activity to introduce following instructions, increasing attention to detail, number work - number recognition etc. but also great for color recognition - I think many of us are under the illusion 'of course he/she knows their colors!' but it can be a skill so easily overlooked!!

The next item i'll discuss is a freebie (i'm trying to break this up y'know?!).

Ok so this isn't my most popular freebie but it's one of my favorites, especially for this time of year!!

It's my Summer Activity Packet. I actually made this as part of a blog hop but i'm impressed how well it turned out given the quick timescale I had!

So it's 18 pages in total (1 page is answer key), it's black and white to save on ink and is loads of fun!! There are 2 options of front covers; girl or boy to color and write their name! 

Then moving on.. writing the bucket list IN A BUCKET! What couldn't be cooler?! Be sure to cross off the items on the list when/if you work your way through them!!

Then a word search!! Word searches are one of my most popular products, i'm currently trying to make sure I have a word search for EVERYTHING!! 

Next is puzzle time!! You have to try to fill in the words in the puzzle! (Comes with clues!)

Then SUDOKU! I love Sudoku! It's such fun and there are so many benefits to have from it!  Moving on we have some dot-to-dot activities, a summer hunt - children can tick off the objects that they spot throughout their trip/day/summer etc. Then there are some reflection activities day at the beach, park etc. 


Then my favourite page. A page for your child to draw and write their favorite part of the Summer! Followed by some fine motor skills activities.

Such a fab amount of activities and COMPLETELY FREE!! You'd be crazy not to download it! Get it here!

OK, moving on. The next paid product i'm going to spotlight today is one of my autism centred resources. It is very hard to make a resource that 'fits all' in the autism community because every student is so different! 

So here is my weather book adapted for ASD students. I use this with higher level students but does come with symbols to support lower ability. It's great for concepts, life skills etc.

So it's 17 pages in total but great value for money - trust me! It's the first in the 'weather friends' series that i'm going to be creating. I want to create a whole series of 'weather friends' that can be completed over the course of the year learning all about weather. 

This pack contains a printable weather work book and also a wardrobe template if you wish to use it, so students can select clothing from the wardrobe to put onto the appropriate child in the picture - what to wear in certain weather etc.

This also comes with the option for students to be able to choose matching symbols for what the weather is like where they are today. 

I am a big fan of teaching life skills to ASD students, it can be so hard to find the right resource but the students have loved this resource and I have had a lovely piece of feedback on it on my TpT store. 

There is a little bit of cutting/laminating to be done when you first make this resource but it is SO worth it in the long run! I love to laminate/velcro resources as it usually means they last a longer time and can be stored and re-used!

SOOOO... last but not least. My 2nd freebie spotlight product. This remains as one of my most favorite freebie products, it's my 100 Follower Freebie! I made this for - you guessed it - celebrate of my TpT store reaching 100 followers, since then my followers have greatly increased as has my store - it's so wonderful and overwhelming, I can't thank my supporters enough!

I made sure to try and centre this bundle around something relevant - so I tried to centre it around '100.'

It includes some fabulous activities;
Addition worksheet
Handwriting worksheets
I have who has game
Make 100 dominos
Caterpillar missing number lines
Number grid activities
Number puzzles. 

Great fun for students to enjoy and best of all it's all totally free!!!! :)

Thank you of reaching the end of my spotlight saturday!



  1. I love that you Spotlighted some of the favorite activities you created! It's not selfish at all, you worked hard on them and are proud of them! That's what Spotlight Saturday is all about, showcasing things we're proud of having created or impressed with what someone else created! I really enjoyed reading about your products, and I LOVE the mystery number charts! My kinders really enjoy working on them, and it's a great activity to place out during their Math with Self time!
    Thank you so much for linking up with us and sharing such great products and freebies! You Summer Freebie looks like it has a lot of great skills that it's important for kinders to continue to practice during their time off! I enjoyed reading your post!!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Thank you Erin you're too kind!! Going to try and spend some time this week stumbling upon more sellers so I can spotlight some one else next week - time just ran away with me this week! I always feel a little guilty spotlighting my own!!

      Thank you - the mystery number charts are a big hit on my store and I am currently making sure to have them for every holiday/topic etc :)

      Thanks again for your fabulously kind words,

  2. Love the mystery looks so fun. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.



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