Spotlight Saturday

Woohoo it's spotlight saturday time!! Literally this is my favorite EVER link up! Thank you the fabulous Kindergarten Dragons as always for hosting this fabulous linky.

The first week I took part in this I decided to spotlight one of my products. Since then i've sort of sat to myself, talked to myself and decided I won't be spotlighting any of my products - or at least basing it around them anyway. Each week I want to try and find someone who has some impressive products/creativity that I just know deserve some recognition.

And since my blog is definitely on the rise - thank you to the fabulous readers - every single one of you! I'm hoping this means that others will get some extra followers/sales/credit from this!

So this week was a hard one, there are so many fabulous teachers that I see, especially on my Facebook group, especially Maren at Malimo Mode who I am constantly trying to steal her motivation from - this woman is  machine she makes so many fabulous products all the time!

But alas, I decided upon... Kindergarten Dragons herself!!!


Erin is so fabulous, each week hosting the Spotlight Saturday, I LOVE her posts, she is one of my favorite blogs to pop over to and read her posts. She is a must visit. Plus her blog is absolutely LUSH!

She has this absolutely fabulous freebie, with almost 5000 downloads! Can you believe it?! It's packed with fabulous activities - 14 pages in total! Click the photo or here to head over and check out her freebie! Don't forget to pop back and leave some feedback ;) 

But my favorite product out of her whole store has to be...

sentence detectives!!!!

How fab is this? You can find it by clicking on the photo or here. I don't know about you - but anything detective wise is definitely a whole lotta fun for the kiddos?! It's perfect for Kindergarten - 2nd Grade age!

It's packed full and 45 pages in total!!! An absolute bargain so don't forget to pop on over and check it out!

And then for her newest product...

Click the photo or here to view it. This is a perfect product especially for all TpT sellers. It's a bargain price for everything that is included and I suggest it for anyone who is looking for something like this to pop over and purchase now - you won't regret it!

The pages come in black and white to save on ink yet are so fun and cute looking they're going to be such fun to fill in and keep track of progress!

Doesn't it just look fabulous? Imagine how much fun you are going to have keeping track of your progress and it will definitely push you to become a better more organised seller and set yourself new goals!!

Thanks for making it to the end of my post!!

I leave you with a little insight to my Saturday. 

It was my Nan's birthday today, my mum went down and threw flowers into the sea where we scattered her ashes..

then went to lay some flowers at her grave. Then of course we laid some flowers on both our Bampi's ready for Father's Day tomorrow. 

Then we took my partners cousin to pick up the present she had ordered for her Dad tomorrow..

It's a painting of their 2 dogs. One sadly passed away recently and so this is a prefect present for him! They were so overwhelmed with her, she is so caring and kind.

We took her for a little spin before headed back home to make the most of the weather...

We had chips, Joe's ice cream and sat by the beach (although the sea was way way out!) and watched the train go by.. 

Then home so I could finish reading.......

YOU HAVE TO READ IT! It's amazing. I am a huge sucker for the Fifty Shades series. I love them!

Thanks for reading my ever so long blog post this week...!!



  1. I always love coming by to read your posts, they are always so positive and motivational! Plus you might just be the sweetest person I know!! You are so awesome for Spotlighting some things from my store!! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through and say such wonderful things! It really means a lot and you have totally made my day!!
    I too love Maren from Malimo Mode, she is most definitely amazing!! She is so organized it's definitely motivating!!
    I'm so sorry to hear about losing your grandma, I can understand how hurtful and how hard losing someone we love can be! It's so awesome that you take time to remember your loved ones in such a great way!!
    Thank you so much for linking up with Spotlight Saturday every week! You do such an awesome job with your Spotlights and with leaving comments on the Spotlights of others! You are so incredibly sweet and I'm so glad to have 'met' you through these link ups! I loved reading your post, thank you so much for sharing with us!!

    Warmest Wishes,

    1. Thanks Erin, I thought it was only fair that you too receive the recognition for the amazing opportunities you offer the rest of us with your linkup! Thank you, you have become my favorite blogger to pop over and read your posts, you've been a wonderful blogger to stumble upon!


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