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MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE WEEK IS HERE!!! *Cue crazy smiley face* 
I am so happy to have found this linky a few weeks back, I THINK this is my 3rd link up with Kindergarten Dragons! I love being able to nose at different peoples posts and read about what they are Spotlighting each Saturday. I also love the fact that in this blogging community, everyone is so supportive of others, sharing other peoples store etc. not just keeping it all for themselves! I love that!

So this week my spotlight is on Tonja at Ta Doodles Illustrations. Mainly because of this fabulous clipart she has just made perfect for this time of year coming up to THE VEGAS CONFERENCE!!!

This is her clipart. Amazing right? You can purchase it here. I love going over and checking out all her fabulous clipart - it's so different and quirky I love it!


And here is my other spotlight for the week..

You can read all about it here

Because of my line of work, I am very much into all things sensory. I see the benefits it brings to our children each and everyday. But also I see the benefits it can bring to any child not just ones with additional needs. 

Sensory play doesn't have to be expensive, you don't have to buy all the fabulous things that cost ridiculous amounts of money that you worry will just get broken/destroyed. You can make things yourself and there are SO many fabulous tutorials out there for this. I often use pinterest to find such as here. 

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  1. Oh, that Vegas clipart is CUTE! And I love sensory play for my littles. I have a Pinterest board just for sensory table stuff.

    1. Thanks - i am a HUGE fan of all things sensory i love it ! :)

  2. I LOVE finding new clipart! I am pretty sure I'm a clipart addict!! Most of my TPT Wish LIst is full of different clipart sets!! Thanks for sharing another clipart artist, will have to go add to my Wish List! :-)
    I think your sensory bin is such a great idea for the end of the year! I love that it gives all kiddos a chance to see and feel what the beach is like, since many have never been. I totally agree with you that sensory play benefits all kiddos, not just some of them. All kids enjoy exploring the world with their senses, and they should definitely be able to do so! I have some sensory play on my Pinterest board as well, though it's just a hodge-podge of all kinds of center ideas. I'll have to work on getting that more organized so I can utilize sensory bin play next year!
    Thank you so much for linking up again, I really appreciate that you have been linking up since the very beginning! It means a lot, and I enjoy getting to learn about new ideas from you!

    Warmest Wishes,

    1. It's fabulous isn't it?! I love clip art I literally get obsessed with it!! I am exactly the same - my wish list just consists of clip art at the moment!! I hate the site wide sales cause I end up spending a fortune! Thank you for your kind comments :)


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