Spotlight Saturday (ish!)

Okay, I'll admit it. My timing on this one is a shall we say? I'm a few days late to the party but slow and steady wins the race, right?!

I recently came across a fabulous idea for a link party. It's hosted by Kindergarten Dragons and is called Spotlight Saturday!!

So the idea is that every Saturday we share a product in the 'Spotlight!' This blog post includes a free product and a paid product. 

The free product is School Based Fine Motor Skills. It includes 6 pages - in color or black and white option and students are able to practice their fine motor / pre-handwriting skills! I love to laminate these and the students use dry-wipe pens so that they can be re-used over and over! Such a great way to see your students progress!

And my paid product is just perfect for this time of year! And it's my Father's Day Activity Bundle. There is so much to include in this I just don't know where to start!!! 

I think we will have to start with some pictures of it in action.. 
Isn't this THE most adorable thing ever?!

The picture above is a snapshot of some of the pages from the Activity Bundle. It includes 3 pages from the Father's Day Activity Book and the Father's Day Newsletter Entry.
BUT.... I also included a Grandad/Grandfather option just in case for any students who may not be able to use the 'father' option, I wanted to be able to cater for all when I used this!!

This is the Father's Day Newsletter Entry - also comes in Grandparent option too. The students have such fun filling it in! You really do get some bizarre answers but I encourage students to be able to put what they think and not something I can come up with - I think parents appreciate it more when it comes from the heart - well kind of! 

And here is the ABC's Of my Dad (Also comes in grand parent version). I love the way students just seem to start sprouting different words! I think it shows how much they pick up on through the year - sometimes they need a little help with tricky letters - X!? but the answers do they give are so funny! Especially when you ask them why! 

I quote
"Why is your Dad odd?"
"He just is, he says weird things to make me laugh'
"But you love him?"
"Of course - someone has too!"

I think he meant it in the sweetest way possible - who knows!?

And I know we are only meant to post 2 things but I couldn't resist sharing a few fabulous Father's Day Crafts. Credit/Link underneath pictures




Thank you for reading my Spotlight Saturday. Who knows what will be here next week?!

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for linking up for Spotlight Saturday! I LOVE your post! Your freebie is perfect for the beginning of the year in kindergarten as well as s great way to help with fine motor skills! And your Father's Day Pack is so cute! I really like that newsletter the kiddos can create! It's so awesome that you found some really cute Pinterest links to showcase too! That's what this Spotlight is all about! Finding all types of resources, ideas, and activities! Or anything else you are super proud to share! :-)
    I'm so glad that you linked up! I loved reading your post and your blog design is great! I can't wait to read about what you Spotlight next Saturday!

    Warmest Wishes,


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