No, this minion is not completely un-related... read on for more ;)

So another Friday, another Five for Friday linky with Doodle Bugs Teaching!! 

I love these linkups, I love nosing at all the other bloggers posts and seeing what they have been up to this week etc!

OK so I have been trying to think of these 5 for the past hour while preparing to write this, I think I have it sorted, here we go...

Sooo, there has been a bit of an absence in our class this week as we have a member of staff off with someone in her family unwell. Me and one of the children made this...

Anyone who knows me will tell you, art is NOT my forte. I am not an artist and so I tend not to touch ANYTHING arty!! But the pupil wanted to do something, he loves dinosaur so off we went!! I covered his hand in red paint (except for the thumb) then we pasted it on here, I added a little volcano, with some hand-over-hand support he wrote 'get well soon' then we decorated the dinosaur a little bit - it was lots of fun!!! Inside the card (i don't have a picture oops), we got a big dinosaur figure from our class toy box, dipped his feet in white paint and made him stomp around the inside of the card for dinosaur feet! He loved it - it was lots of fun! I made sure to deliver the card on my way home - I think it's going to go down a TREAT!

If you follow me on instagram (here) you will have noticed that this week in our school was our School Sports Day! It's very busy with lots on, we try to get pretty much every pupil involved, it's busy, very hot and sunny but such fun! The children love it! But boy am I worn out now!!

This week I finally got around to getting involved with the TpT Seller Challenge. I honestly didn't think I would have enough time or energy to take part in it with everything else going on, but as usual i've managed to find a little bit of motivation from somewhere and crack on with it!! Everyone taking part seems to be so lovely so I can't wait to connect with all new fabulous TpTers!! :)

Ok this is a little teeny weeny cheat but i can't help it i'm so excited!! We are off to see the minion movie tomorrow!!! I can't wait!! Me and Nath are off to have a lovely day together with food, cinema etc. just us 2. I can't wait for some quality time together our crazy schedules mean we can't do this as much as we
would like so i'm sure excited for tomorrow!!

I've saved this one for last. One, because I only found out about it literally just now but also because they always say 'save the best for last' and this is the best news I've had in such a long time. A friend of mine, who I've worked closely for the past year now in our class was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was very bad and we were all so panicky she had to have two operations and CT scan. Well today the results came back CLEAR! She's cancer free!!! I can't contain how chuffed and over the moon I am for her!!! :) This is my favorite ever ever ever thing to have happened in such a long time, I HAD to include it in my 5 for Friday!



  1. Nikki,

    First, hoorray for your friend's great news! Your Five for Friday is jam-packed with adventures. The handprint dinosaur is totally cute, and I am stealing that idea! :-)

    Have a great time at the movies! Er.. cinema. :-)


  2. What wonderful news! That really is the best for last!
    Enjoy your movie date too. :)

  3. That's such awesome news for your friend! Yay!! Your get well card is super sweet, and I love those bright shoes of yours! I hope you have an amazing time getting out to dinner and a movie, it's so important to take time to relax and unwind!! I hope you have a great week!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons


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