Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to every Dad, Step-Dad, Grandad and those who take on the place of a Dad.

I have been so lucky to be blessed with so many amazing men in my life. The first is my father. I feel blessed every single day to have been given what I feel is the best dad I could ever dream of having.

Here is a throwback of many many years ago at a fancy dress party. 

My father is everything I could ever want. He's loving, caring, fun, supportive, he and my mother made me who I am today, they supported my decision when I changed so abruptly from wanting to be a Physiotherapist to go into Education.

When I set out to want to raise a crazy amount of money for our autistic pupils he was there with me every step of the way...

But most of all, growing up I had everything I could ever ask for and more. We never went without and they spoiled myself and my sister something rotten. The most exquisite being my 16th birthday (i know YEARS AGO!) where I had a wonderful party thrown for me and was gifted with the car of my dreams..

So I'm wishing my father the most wonderful of Father's Day. Where he is off doing what he enjoys the most - showing off his T5..

.. at the Swansea Festival of Transport. Before we surprise him with a meal tonight. 

Happy Father's Day to two fantastic Bampi's who will be spending today looking down at us from Heaven. 


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