Five for Friday

Yes.. I actually remembered to post five for friday on a FRIDAY!!!

Thank you to the fabulous Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting another brilliant linkup!

This week has been quite busy... and I'm lacking a few pictures so may have to google some to make up for it!!

It's two days until Father's Day!! I was very unorganised this year and only got around to sorting a present this week and booking our meal!! We are off to the Pemberton.. we love it there! It's so quiet up that area.. plus it's lovely!! I've been working really hard dieting and working out so am a few pounds down but going to enjoy my meal then back to the diet the next day ready for summer hols! :)

We have had some beautiful weather lately! It's been so much fun relaxing in the garden again, we have lots of fab new lovely decorations and colour changing lights to decorate! It's so relaxing!

Except for the DEMON SPIDERS!

Ginger has been loving coming out for some runs in this weather! She is the biggest diva i know - bible! If we DARE open her hutch when it's windy, cold, rainy, snowing etc. she will stomp for hours! She only likes the warm weather! Proper little diva!

I've been working super hard on this the past week!! I'm already seeing a HUGE difference! I've tried so many different workout routines, diets and I just never manage to make this Kardashian Butt get smaller! But this is finally working! I am over the moon with my progress and hope by the end of the 30 days i'll be all ready and super happy with it!

Woohoo 20 more work days until 6 weeks off work!! I CAN'T WAIT! I'm going to lounge around, lay in the sun, get busy creating new exciting resources which are now a very long list! But most of all relax, enjoy my time off and enjoy our vacation in August! WOOHOO!!!

I am still suffering severe jealousy symptoms at all other teaching staff who have already finished for the Summer. Tread with caution ;)



  1. Ginger is so cute! She has personality. I'm going to try that butt challenge :) I need something different. Your blog is so cute!

    Made with Love

    1. She is such a diva she is fab! It's the best one I've found so far, i've already seen a huge difference in just a few days! :)

  2. Congratulations on all your progress with your workout! I need to become dedicated like you. Lol

    1. It can be SOOO hard to get into some days, especially if it's been a rubbish day, but once i've done it i'm over the moon with myself :)


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