3 Fave Holidays in the Classroom!

I am linking up once more with Ashley over at Teaching in the Net for the third week of her month long birthday celebration! Woohoo!!

If you haven't checked out her month long birthday celebration yet I would definitely head on over there NOW! You definitely don't want to miss out on loads of the fabulous products up for grabs each week!

Ok so this week is also about our 3 favorite holidays in the classroom.

Number 1 is definitely a no brainer. It HAS to be Christmas! I love it! It's such a lovely time of year for ours, although they don't fully understand it, there's so many fab things going on to get them into the spirit! All our interactive greetings are turned into Christmas ones, we have Christmas decorations around the School/Classroom, we get busy preparing for the Christmas Concert, the Christmas Fete - every class makes stuff to sell in the Christmas Fete - it's almost that time of year again to start thinking up what we will be doing! All of our work is put with Christmas Themes, we do lots of Christmas themed art and cooking! I love it! Then we have our Christmas trip, visit from Santa, Christmas disco etc. It's all go go go!!

Number 2, hmm I think it probably has to be Halloween. We make lots of fabulous resources for it, everything again is turned into Halloween theme - our interactive greetings, work, art, cookery etc. We have a Halloween Disco and everyone dresses up for it! It's lots of fun!

Number 3. This is a tough one. I think it has to be Chinese New Year - oh yes we celebrate EVERYTHING in our Class/School! Again we centre everything around Chinese New Year, cooking, art, work, interactive greetings etc. We then pay a visit to a fabulous little Chinese grocery store every year, the children go in, pick up different food items, we go back to class and have a big Chinese New Year party where the children can try lots of different things !! It's lots of fun!

As you can probably work out, I'm a little OTT with the seasonal stuff, so don't forget to visit the seasonal section on my store here. There will be lots of new products being uploaded over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled while I'm busy over the Summer!

5 more weeks til Summer break!!!!



  1. Nikki,
    Oh my gosh! It sounds like you guys do a ton of stuff for holidays. Are all of those event school-wide? I love the Halloween Disco!!!
    What grades do you teach? Also, what grades are in your school? (Is it Kindergarten through eighth, etc?) It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun. I want to go that school!

    Thanks again for linking up this past week. I really appreciate all of your support, more than you know!

    Ashley L.

    1. Ha ha we celebrate almost every holiday, it's lots of fun - makes such a big change to the day-to-day classroom activities, the children love it! Our ages are from 3 - 19 it's an autistic/special needs school :)


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