New Product: Detective Time! 50% off for 24 hours!

Here is one of my most favorite products to date!!

Students love being able to act as a 'Detective' and work out what is inside. They are so excited to find out the surprise, it's great in so many ways.

The way it works is pretty explanatory. You pick up a box (can you believe this one only cost me 10p?!) of any size you want. I decided to go big because i'll want to hide larger things in it soon but you can choose any size you want.

In my product are lots of different labels to put on your box, decorating it to make it look appealing to the students.

There are 28 classroom labels in total. They come in color or black and white.

Next, choose an object to put inside. This can literally be anything you want. Objects I currently have at the moment are:

Lego figures in different outfits (work-based) we have; policeman, firefighter, mailman, doctor, pilot. This will be great for the students to see if they can work out the clues for what each person does in their job! 

Different vehicles; motorbike, car, bus, push bike etc. Describing how many wheels, the size of it, what it's used for, how it's used etc.

Animals; we love learning about animals!!! We can also use this as a link up with my Animal Detective riddle game (available here). It's such fun describing  all the animals and you can drag it out over a few days too. 

You can fill it however you like in the box, just the objet on its own, in bubble wrap, tissue paper, gift wrapped etc. whatever suits you and your classroom.

The next step is to print out clue cards! You can either print them out blank, laminate them and then write new clues on them each time or you can edit the text and print them out with text on. I have included editable pieces in PPT and Keynote for you to add text/edit text. The clue cards all come in different designs in color or black and white for you to choose from. I usually print these on colored card to make them more fun but it's personal choice again.

I have even included a 'clues to date' page see here;

I just shrink down the clues to really small so that they can be kept track of. To get my students started I don't use many clues but you can use as many clues as you want! Make it harder/easier, whatever suits you and your classroom.

Now print out the student guessing books. I have included a PDF copy of these in color or black and white again and also an editable version where you can change the text. It is up to you whether you want to make a general book for the whole class to use for each activity like I do or if you want to give a book to each student. Again I print on colored card but this is personal choice. You can staple together as a book.

Once students have guessed it/you have run out clues I have enclosed this page so that you can put the finished object there..

This product is available on my store HERE at a bargain price and 50% off for the first 24 hours! Head on over and don't miss out on this fun activity! 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

4th July
- American Flag
- Toy firework
- Star

- Pumpkin (real or toy)
- Costumes?
- Masks?
- Halloween figures
- Candy

- Christmas Characters
- Stocking
- Christmas Decorations

CVC words/objects
Household objects

Let me know if you purchase my activity and how you used it in your classroom! 


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