Memorial Day

Memorial Day usually means that this is the start of the holidays - no more School! When friends and family come together, go out, relax and generally enjoy each others company. However, let's not forget that it is actually about something much bigger too.

Let us not forget, about all the families who have lost someone who gave their life to protect the country and the people who live there, the families who were torn apart and broken. Or the soldiers who are currently on duty, wherever they may be around the World, giving their all, every day, to protect the people of the USA.

My favourite quote that i've come across for this is;

All gave some, some gave all.

Sometimes, we are so busy in our lives we forget how truly blessed we are, to be here today, thanks to the support of the men and women who fought for us.

So on Memorial Day, please take a moment to remember, thank and think of those involved.


Being based in the UK means it's hard to keep up with all the USA holidays as well as our own! Can you believe most of you in USA will be finishing School soon? Here we have around another 8 weeks to go!!!

I managed to create some resources just in time for Memorial Day and the end of the School week, which to my joy have been flying out today! I added in lots of no-prep activities, i'm sure coming to the end of the year you're all happy to print and hand out without the added stress of preparation! 

Memorial Day / Remembrance Day here in the UK are my favourite holidays. I enjoy being able to base activities around these holidays and help teach students about the importance of them. I include them in everything I can - even activities for non-verbal low ability students, I always find a way to differentiate it to suit! 

Don't forget, be thankful this Memorial Day, hold your loved ones a bit closer and enjoy the freedom you have been rewarded by brave troops.


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