Birthday Blowout!

It's a Birthday blowout over at Teaching in the Net !!

It's Ashley's Birthday this month and she is celebrating for the whole month! Myself and 27 other TPT sellers have donated products to give away for the whole month! So be sure to enter for the chance to win some absolutely fabulous products just perfect to get you ready for end of year right up to the next School year!

The End of Year products run from 31st May - 6th June.

This week is all about end of the year and i've donated my ever popular End of Year Memory Book.

But if you just can't wait to see if you can win it, it's still available to purchase at my store here.

Each week there are going to be sellers included in the Birthday Blowout doing different blog posts. This weeks topic is "Favorite Teacher Items I'd Like to Get for My Birthday"

Well I recently stumbled across a website that I just absolutely love! I'd love to be able to have the money there to purchase lots of stuff from there ( and if they shipped to us here in the uk!?) The stuff would be PERFECT for our class. The website is Really Good Stuff.

Below are just some of the items I would love to get for the class for my birthday! (Sad right?!)

Superheroes is one of our topics next year. I LOVE the design a Superhero Capes! They look fab - there's so many possibilities with it! And to be able to see the children's imagination come out with how they would want to design their cape!

The first day of School photo frame and poem is ADORABLE. I usually do a 'My First Day' scrapbook page with lots of different pictures of what the children have done on their first day but i think this is just ten times more adorable! I love it!! I think i'll have to do something similar and put my imagination in order but I would LOVE to be able to have these!!

The 'all about me tee' our children wouldn't be able to quite fill it in as well as the example but with support they'd be able to put some pictures and symbols from choice on there. 

And last but not least the chair storage. I love these! We have 'work stations' for our students with 'start' and 'finished' trays. But it does mean having to swap good morning, good afternoon and goodbye books around, swapping literacy for numeracy, trying to find dry wipe pens for the laminated worksheets! To have these close on hand would be amazing! I would LOVE these for our students! 


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