200 Follower Celebration


Well, kind of. My TPT Store has reached 200 followers. I am so grateful for every single last one of those followers. It shows that somewhere, a teacher is believing in my work and wanting to use it in their classroom (i hope anyway!) and for that there are not enough words in the dictionary to explain my gratitude.

I am all about giving back to all those fabulous teachers. So here is my 200 Follower Celebration!!

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Birthday Blowout!

It's a Birthday blowout over at Teaching in the Net !!

It's Ashley's Birthday this month and she is celebrating for the whole month! Myself and 27 other TPT sellers have donated products to give away for the whole month! So be sure to enter for the chance to win some absolutely fabulous products just perfect to get you ready for end of year right up to the next School year!

The End of Year products run from 31st May - 6th June.

This week is all about end of the year and i've donated my ever popular End of Year Memory Book.

But if you just can't wait to see if you can win it, it's still available to purchase at my store here.

Each week there are going to be sellers included in the Birthday Blowout doing different blog posts. This weeks topic is "Favorite Teacher Items I'd Like to Get for My Birthday"

Well I recently stumbled across a website that I just absolutely love! I'd love to be able to have the money there to purchase lots of stuff from there ( and if they shipped to us here in the uk!?) The stuff would be PERFECT for our class. The website is Really Good Stuff.

Below are just some of the items I would love to get for the class for my birthday! (Sad right?!)

Superheroes is one of our topics next year. I LOVE the design a Superhero Capes! They look fab - there's so many possibilities with it! And to be able to see the children's imagination come out with how they would want to design their cape!

The first day of School photo frame and poem is ADORABLE. I usually do a 'My First Day' scrapbook page with lots of different pictures of what the children have done on their first day but i think this is just ten times more adorable! I love it!! I think i'll have to do something similar and put my imagination in order but I would LOVE to be able to have these!!

The 'all about me tee' our children wouldn't be able to quite fill it in as well as the example but with support they'd be able to put some pictures and symbols from choice on there. 

And last but not least the chair storage. I love these! We have 'work stations' for our students with 'start' and 'finished' trays. But it does mean having to swap good morning, good afternoon and goodbye books around, swapping literacy for numeracy, trying to find dry wipe pens for the laminated worksheets! To have these close on hand would be amazing! I would LOVE these for our students! 



Summer Link Up: Why I Started Blogging

Here is the second piece of 'Summer Blog Linkup' hosted by I Heart Grade 3

The topic is 'Why I started blogging'

This is a tough one. There are so many reasons why I wanted to start blogging. Did you know I won my blog? We had only just come back from Dubai and we have a big holiday booked for August with hopes of emigrating to Canada this year so it wasn't something I could put money into. I entered a competition hosted by Fishing for Education and won! Since winning there are so many things I want to blog about, here are some;

1. Autism
 I know how hard it is for your child with ASD to be off School for long periods of time, how to keep them occupied, especially on rainy days. I wanted to be able to share some cheap, fun activities that anyone can take part in. 

2. Wider Audience
I wanted to be able to show teachers that the resources I sell at my store aren't just great for children with ASD / SEN diagnosis, but also mainstream children, a lot of it is centred around Kindergarten age (bear with me while I get used to the American Grades!). 

3. Fun
I often come across fabulous fun activities that people may not come across, I want to be able to share these with the World! (Or anyone who comes here anyway!)

4. Sharing experiences
I LOVE to travel! I'm looking forward to being able to share my photos/experiences here on my blog with anyone who wants to pop along to visit! At the moment I just share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but they are always a big hit with the places we travel to.

5. I like to write
I have always loved writing. Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a writer, I love writing down things that happen to me, keeping a journal, now I get to write and have it posted somewhere. It may not be everyones interest and I accept that! But it's still fun. 

6. Nosey
I love to nose! I think humans in general just love to look into other peoples lives. I love to see what people are doing, what's happening in different peoples lives etc.


Souk Madinat, Dubai 2015


New Product: Detective Time! 50% off for 24 hours!

Here is one of my most favorite products to date!!

Students love being able to act as a 'Detective' and work out what is inside. They are so excited to find out the surprise, it's great in so many ways.

The way it works is pretty explanatory. You pick up a box (can you believe this one only cost me 10p?!) of any size you want. I decided to go big because i'll want to hide larger things in it soon but you can choose any size you want.

In my product are lots of different labels to put on your box, decorating it to make it look appealing to the students.

There are 28 classroom labels in total. They come in color or black and white.

Next, choose an object to put inside. This can literally be anything you want. Objects I currently have at the moment are:

Lego figures in different outfits (work-based) we have; policeman, firefighter, mailman, doctor, pilot. This will be great for the students to see if they can work out the clues for what each person does in their job! 

Different vehicles; motorbike, car, bus, push bike etc. Describing how many wheels, the size of it, what it's used for, how it's used etc.

Animals; we love learning about animals!!! We can also use this as a link up with my Animal Detective riddle game (available here). It's such fun describing  all the animals and you can drag it out over a few days too. 

You can fill it however you like in the box, just the objet on its own, in bubble wrap, tissue paper, gift wrapped etc. whatever suits you and your classroom.

The next step is to print out clue cards! You can either print them out blank, laminate them and then write new clues on them each time or you can edit the text and print them out with text on. I have included editable pieces in PPT and Keynote for you to add text/edit text. The clue cards all come in different designs in color or black and white for you to choose from. I usually print these on colored card to make them more fun but it's personal choice again.

I have even included a 'clues to date' page see here;

I just shrink down the clues to really small so that they can be kept track of. To get my students started I don't use many clues but you can use as many clues as you want! Make it harder/easier, whatever suits you and your classroom.

Now print out the student guessing books. I have included a PDF copy of these in color or black and white again and also an editable version where you can change the text. It is up to you whether you want to make a general book for the whole class to use for each activity like I do or if you want to give a book to each student. Again I print on colored card but this is personal choice. You can staple together as a book.

Once students have guessed it/you have run out clues I have enclosed this page so that you can put the finished object there..

This product is available on my store HERE at a bargain price and 50% off for the first 24 hours! Head on over and don't miss out on this fun activity! 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

4th July
- American Flag
- Toy firework
- Star

- Pumpkin (real or toy)
- Costumes?
- Masks?
- Halloween figures
- Candy

- Christmas Characters
- Stocking
- Christmas Decorations

CVC words/objects
Household objects

Let me know if you purchase my activity and how you used it in your classroom! 



Super Giveaway

So a little while back I decided to join with a little giveaway that another TpT seller was doing. She had reached 200 followers and wanted to give back to all her wonderful followers by giving away some of her items as well as a group of sellers items. One of my items is included in there and there is so much up for grabs i definitely recommend heading on over there!

There are TWO giveaways, one is for K-5 and the other is for 6-12. Both include a $25 gift certificate to spend on TpT and over $40 worth of resources from all different sellers!

It takes hardly any time to sign up and just think what you could do with all those freebies!

Just click here to head on over!



My Goals for the Summer

For the next 15 weeks I will be taking part in a Summer Blogging Challenge hosted by I Heart Grade 3. Every week there is a different topic to blog about.

This week is all about Summer Goals.

Firstly, as I live in the UK, I am still in School!! We finish at the end of July so i'm very jealous of all my overseas friends who are now off for the Summer! So i'm going to pretend my Summer Goals start from 1st June.

It gets a very busy time here, especially working with Special Needs having to transition in new students, prepare activities, visuals, resources etc for the next year. There is a lot of time and effort put into this to make sure the year runs smooth.

Anyway, here are my summer goals:

* Fitness
I seem to have hit a wall the last few weeks and not been doing my daily workouts anymore. I want to get back into this, my healthy eating and be all prepared for my lovely holiday at the end of August.

* Holiday
As most of you may know from reading my blog I am an avid traveller. We holiday at least 2 times a year. We went to Dubai in April but we are off to Orlando & New York this August. We have a beautiful villa with pool booked in Florida where I can't wait to put my feet up and relax! It will be my first time driving in Orlando though..eek! In New York we're staying in a lovely Hilton Hotel. I can't wait! 

* Blog
I want to make this blog fun and accessible for a wide range of people not just parents/families of Autism. I want to include lots of fun activities that you can enjoy through the Summer without breaking the bank! As well as plenty of sensory activities. Be sure to check back through the Summer for some budget ideas!

This is a bit of a cheat goal because I already started working on this from yesterday but I think it will take me all Summer to complete! I want to go back through all my old products, make them up to date, add better previews, make some new covers. A lot of work but i'm sure it will be work it. And last but not least, I have about 100 product ideas in my head which I'll be trying to complete and upload in time for July.

Have a lovely Summer!


Summer Sunshine!

Today is nice and sunny here - how is it where you are? Have your children finished School for the year yet? Or are they off for May half term?

How about some fun activities to keep them occupied. 

Hungry Caterpillar Sandwiches!

We are in the middle of our Hungry Caterpillar topic and this was one of our cookery sessions - make a hungry caterpillar sandwich!

It's so easy to make but also lots of fun!

You just need:
Circle cutter/biscuit cutter
Ham & Cheese (or choose your own fillings!)
Small tomato
Spring onion/celery for antennas.

Let me know how you get on, have a lovely holiday and stay tuned for some more fun activities that you can use at home with your children! 


Throwback Thursday

As humans I think we are some of the nosiest creatures around.. except for my 2 cats. I think they win that award!

I don't know about you, but when I'm reading someones blog I like to see a bit more into their lives, who they are, what makes them tick etc.

So every Thursday will be linked to my #throwbackthursday on instagram. It will be all my golden oldies in all their glory! Here's todays...

Throwback to our first holiday in Dubai. A few years back now, can't believe how young we both look - especially Nathan! We went on a desert safari trip. It was wonderful and so hot even in April!! We've returned twice since then, it's a country we've fallen in love with! 


Memorial Day

Memorial Day usually means that this is the start of the holidays - no more School! When friends and family come together, go out, relax and generally enjoy each others company. However, let's not forget that it is actually about something much bigger too.

Let us not forget, about all the families who have lost someone who gave their life to protect the country and the people who live there, the families who were torn apart and broken. Or the soldiers who are currently on duty, wherever they may be around the World, giving their all, every day, to protect the people of the USA.

My favourite quote that i've come across for this is;

All gave some, some gave all.

Sometimes, we are so busy in our lives we forget how truly blessed we are, to be here today, thanks to the support of the men and women who fought for us.

So on Memorial Day, please take a moment to remember, thank and think of those involved.


Being based in the UK means it's hard to keep up with all the USA holidays as well as our own! Can you believe most of you in USA will be finishing School soon? Here we have around another 8 weeks to go!!!

I managed to create some resources just in time for Memorial Day and the end of the School week, which to my joy have been flying out today! I added in lots of no-prep activities, i'm sure coming to the end of the year you're all happy to print and hand out without the added stress of preparation! 

Memorial Day / Remembrance Day here in the UK are my favourite holidays. I enjoy being able to base activities around these holidays and help teach students about the importance of them. I include them in everything I can - even activities for non-verbal low ability students, I always find a way to differentiate it to suit! 

Don't forget, be thankful this Memorial Day, hold your loved ones a bit closer and enjoy the freedom you have been rewarded by brave troops.



Father's Day

Father's Day is fast approaching! Don't forget Sunday June 21st!

Here is a throwback of me and my dad a few years ago now. Some of you may not know that I made up a charity a couple of years ago to raise money to take some of our autistic students to Lapland. My father was my rock and was there every step of the way with me! Here is us raising some vital funds for our charity and another charity for a little girl to be able to have an operation to walk. 

"A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow"

Some of you may have previously purchased my Mother's Day Bundle. Well now there's a similar style for Father's Day! 

Click here to view the Father's Day activities I have for sale at my store!


Hi and Welcome to my blog!

This is my first ever post on my blog and i'm so excited to finally have one! I want to send a massive thank you to Stephanie from Fishing for Education who ran a competition a little while back to win one of her blog designs and I was one of two lucky winners!! 

She has been absolutely brilliant, taking my ideas and making something magical! Nothing is ever too much for her and she is so creative! I would recommend her for anyone wanting a blog.

I am so excited to be part of the blogging world and I can't wait to share lots of fabulous products, activities and teaching ideas with you all for both ASD students as well as mainstream. Although with my love of travelling you may also stumble across a few travelling posts.

At the moment I am based within the UK and I am still learning all the new USA slang and putting this into my products, writing etc. Myself and my partner are currently saving up all our extra earnings to be able to emigrate to Canada within the next 3 years, it's a very exciting experience and I hope to keep you updated when things start happening..

If you click the about me tab on the top of my page you will be able to find out a little bit more about myself. 

If you want to make sure you're kept up to date with my blogging goings-on please don't forget to subscribe which you can find on the right hand side of the page. I always welcome feedback or meeting new exciting people who I can chat away to! So please feel free to send me an email nikkirobs93@hotmail.co.uk and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward to my blogging adventure and hope you are too!


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