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Erupting Pumpkin

We have been having SO much fun the past couple of months doing lots of science experiments, and this erupting pumpkin is one of our favourites so far. It's quick and easy to do, but it also doesn't need many ingredients making it affordable for you to do a few runs of it.

My Favourite Halloween Books

Halloween is coming and we can't wait! We love to celebrate all the different holidays in our classroom, but Halloween is always one of our favourite. The children get to dress up in their halloween costumes, we have a disco, buffet and lots of fun games to get us in the Halloween spirit. In class we also do a lot of crafts, cooking and different work activities linked to Halloween. But, one of the best things we do is read some Halloween themed books.

Teach Healthy Eating

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is important for every single person in the World, young, old, or in between, a healthy diet is one of the most important things to have in your life.

But, did you know by starting a healthy lifestyle in childhood has long term benefits throughout that child's life too? One of the main positives from starting a healthy lifestyle in children, is that they are more likely to continue this on throughout the rest of their life.

Fun Sized Compliments

We all know how much children LOVE to receive compliments, how much it helps to motivate them and keep them going, but also to feel proud of themselves.

Compliments are so important to not just children, but everyone in every day life. There can be so much negativity around the World, especially publicised in the news, so it's important to keep some positivity, especially within your learning environment.

Books to Read for Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is huge right now and is being used in learning environments all around the World. This blog post is hopefully going to give you an overview of what Growth Mindset is, how you can use it in your classroom - including a free resource for you to download but also some amazing books that are going to help you understand more about Growth Mindset and how you can implement it into your learning environment too.

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